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Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Apr 25 08:01:35 EDT 2010

On 04/25/2010 10:55 AM, Steve Rooke wrote:
> On 25 April 2010 02:39, Magnus Danielson<magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org>  wrote:
>> On 04/24/2010 03:57 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Hmmm, good point.
>>> The port must have been to something other than Linux.
>> One of the many flavours of BSD I guess, or one of the many other flavours
>> of UNIX.
>> I have become old enough that most of the UNIX flavours I have worked on is
>> now deceased or about to. This is mainly the history of commercial UNIXes.
> Unix will never die! They said it was going to die in the 80's but
> it's still going strong in some form or another, or imitated,
> embedded, pervasive, a survivor. What's more the ones you think are
> deceased are still being used out there by small and large groups of
> people who just won't let it die, they'll have to prise it out of
> their cold dead hands. Why, well people swear by it, all the other OS'
> people just swear at them (well at least one OS I can think of :)

You didn't get me right... UNIX (and offspring Linux) is not dying, but 
Xenix, SunOS, Ultrix, OSF/1, HP-UX, IRIX etc. is dying or dead. Wonder 
what is happening to AIX (which I haven't used) and Solaris. These are 
all various vendors proprietary variants of UNIX. The field have shifted 
in that sense. A greater part of the OS is now being brought in from the 
open and only necessary stuff is added for the task at hand.

Proprietary OSes in the old sense is less and less meaningful.


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