[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Power Supply Question

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Mon Apr 26 07:47:20 EDT 2010


The simple answer is that there is no regulator in the TBolt between the OCXO and the +12 supply. A well regulated supply is a good idea. 

The common suggestion is to run a ~ +15  supply and regulate it to +12 at the TBolt. Depending on the regulator you use, You might be able to get away with a pretty low voltage differential. You might even be able to adjust a +/- 12 V supply to feed some LDO's. 

As the link in the previous message mentions, stability is not the only issue. Crud on the power supply is an issue as well. Some of the ultra low drop out regulators are not real good crud blockers. 


On Apr 26, 2010, at 4:02 AM, Ed Palmer wrote:

> Many low cost triple output power supplies are designed to power digital circuits (e.g. +5V) with maybe some RS-232 or analog circuitry (+- 12V).  Since the only 'important'  voltage is +5, that's the only voltage that's regulated.  The others are designed to be within maybe 5% up to the rated load.  I see various power supplies on fleabay that are sold for use with the Thunderbolt that seem to fit this model.
> In the Thunderbolt the +12 runs the oscillator.  Won't an unregulated, but relatively steady, +12 supply degrade the performance of the oscillator or does the Tbolt have a built-in regulator to deal with this?
> Ed
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