[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Power Supply Question

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I'd say those are all pretty safe guesses with any modern OCXO. The drop out
on the internal regulator is likely to be well below anything we would put
on the +12 supply. 

The Trimble spec on the TBolt shows a +/- 10% tolerance on the +12V supply.
>From that I'd assume you could run the unit pretty much forever at 10.800
volts on the input. 


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The +12VDC supply (internal to the sealed oscillator) supplies both the oven
and the oscillator circuits. I think you'll find that internally this +12VDC
goes to the heater circuit as well as through a regulator to the oscillator
which is running on something like +7VDC. This is speculation at this point
but a number of similar type oscillators I've checked are set up this way
and even have a temperature compensated regulated reference voltage out of
about +7VDC to feed a pot or EFC circuit. For instance the HP 10811 has an
internal +5.7VDC regulated supply for the oscillator circuit

One crude way to check is to take a removed 10Mhz oscillator Trimble
oscillator and power it from a bench supply at +12 and let it stabilize.
Then reduce the supply voltage slowly and see where the output level and/or
frequency start to change. If you see no change until you've reduced the
voltage a few volts then the oscillator has an
 internal regulator for the oscillator circuit.    

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