[time-nuts] Which voltage regulator chips offer good performance...?

Neville Michie namichie at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 07:35:56 EDT 2010

small world, i just put a power pack together for a Tbolt using a   
LT1764 set to just above 11 Volts.
Headroom required is only  about 0.15 volts.
A Power Trends 78SR105 module provides up to 1.5 A at 5V and a  
ICL7662 gives -11 volts from the +11 volt rail.
The whole aim of this exercise was to be able to support the Tbolt  
with a 12 volt lead acid battery (20AH) and
so have an uninteruptable power supply. The power pack takes about  
0.28 amps at 12 volts, and so should run for
50 hours or so in the case of a power failure. The power module takes  
a little less current on the 14 Volts of the
floating battery.
Another module has a low voltage disconnect circuit that disconnects  
the battery when it runs down to 10.9 volts,
high enough that no cell is reverse charged.
I have only just switched it on tonight, it works but I have no  
performance data yet.
cheers, Neville Michie

On 27/04/2010, at 2:51 AM, Bob Camp wrote:

>  LT1764

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