[time-nuts] Looking for a dead FRS-C for parts

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 10:08:27 EDT 2010

I rebuilt the servo board on my FRS-C Rb oscillator this past weekend
so that the lock indicator would turn on when locked, rather than when
unlocked.  I sat down to document what I did, which consisted of
cutting two traces and running two jumpers.   This involved removing
the 4 screws that hold the board down to get to the back to cut one of
the two traces.

Before sitting down, I walked across a carpet, then a vinyl carpet
protector that goes under my chair, then I reached for my unit.  Well,
I zapped the darn thing when I touched the LED that was attached to
that funny connector on the side.  It still works and it still locks,
but I have no lock indicator anymore.   It worked the way I wanted it
to for two whole days before I made this stupid mistake.   Does
anybody have a dead unit that you would send to me in NM for donor
parts?  If so, please contact me off list and we can arrange for
shipping (I'll pay, of course).   Argh!

Bob, N3XKB

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