[time-nuts] Time Code generator

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 3 11:13:44 EST 2010

Collins, Graham wrote:
> On another list to which I subscribe, the question was asked about the
> suitability of recording WWV 2.5mhz audio as one track when recording
> off the air signals of interest as a time reference.
> The person who asked the question didn't really state his intentions but
> they seem very similar to my immediate needs. That is, simply a time
> reference - that is "the time", the start of the minute, and periodic
> references (i.e. seconds) between the announcements.
> It seems that recording the audio of something like WWV or CHU is ideal.
> However, another approach would be recording a more proper time code
> signal as you might have available from a "precision clock". Of course,
> a decoder would also be required. 
> A quick Google search turned up lots of leads which I have yet to sort
> through. In the interim I thought I would pose the question to the
> learned members of this group for their suggestions. Keep in mind KISS
> and that a very high degree of accuracy is not required.
> Is there an opensource/freeware PC app that will generate an appropriate
> time code signal that can be recorded on one track of an audio recorder
> (either PC based i.e. Audacity or standalone) that will also decode via
> soundcard or other input?

Not free, but might get you started on what to look for

Dave Mills and the NTP folks at U Delaware have

for generators

http://www.visualgps.net/NMEATime/default.htm  $15, which is probably 
cheaper than your time to write something or find something that already 
exists and try to fix it.

If you move away from IRIG, there's also MIDI time code (used when we 
used to record things on, gasp, analog magnetic tape, and you wanted to 
keep the MPU-401 based sequencer running right), and various SMPTE 
AES/EBU time codes used in the audio recording world.

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