[time-nuts] OT [GPS Survey grade RX]

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 4 22:57:20 EST 2010

wa1zms at att.net wrote:
> I wish to survey some of my land here in the US. What used GPS receivers 
> out there might be good candidates?

All of the usual survey instrument companies have GPS widgets of one 
sort or another.  Trimble, Topcon, etc.

However, if it's a one shot deal, just go rent the gear from a surveying 
equipment place. A couple hundred bucks for the week or weekend, and 
you're done.

I assume you're doing this for your own amusement, because there's a lot 
more to doing a survey than just determining the lat/lon of some points 
in some coordinate system.

(for one thing, the legal boundary is where the physical 
monuments/markers are, not where you might calculate it at.. The border 
between Colorado and New Mexico is quite a ways from where Congress said 
it should be (some parallel of latitude), because the original surveyor 
was drunk, and now, everyone has to live with it)

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