[time-nuts] Precision Oscillator Parts FS

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 23:54:26 EST 2010

Fellow time-nutters,

I have the following precision frequency parts for sale.

Quantity (4) 

NOS 3.000.000 MHz Crystals.  They are clear glass hermetically sealed in HC-6 holders and individually serial numbered.  The were manufactured by Midland with a 51-67 production date. They were originally made for Hallicrafters military frequency standards.  I have no other info as to oven temperature but I believe it is 85C as that what they typically used in other designs.

I will sell them for USD$15 each postpaid in the USA.  I will sell overseas for additional postage.  I want to be paid by either USPO money order or personal check.

Quantity (4)

10.00 MHz Crystal Oscillators.  Made by EG&G.  Model T 424, P/N 1DN14-CV90-2201-1.  Made between 90-40 and 90-50.  RFE. They are 2 X 2 inches square and ½ in thick with two 6-32 mounting studs on the bottom and also have 5 pins 1/4  inch long coming out the bottom. On one side the have a multi-turn piston capacitor.  I do not know if they are temperature compensated or not but suspect they are.

They run on 12 volts but do not have EFC, but I will include an article by a California Ham Radio operator who added that function as there is an extra available pin.

I ran them all for about a month and set them to less than .1Hz error compared to my HP 5370B.  I have not re-tested them since I moved to a better standard.  These are far superior from what you would get from Mouser or other suppliers.  Guaranteed to be settable at 10 MHz to less than 100 milli-Hz error.

USD$ 30 post paid in USA.  Additional for overseas. Same payment terms as the crystals.

Please contact me off list if interested.




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