[time-nuts] Got 60HZ?

Peter Putnam pico.2008 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 9 20:25:24 EST 2010


You can get 32768 Hz from 10 MHz using a single 8 pin PIC.



On 12/9/2010 4:19 PM, Michael Poulos wrote:
> The chip was one I got on eBay from a different seller than the Ru 
> movement. The chip number is a C8051T602.It's actually a tiny printed 
> circuit card in a DIP chip pinout format. I have no idea how many or 
> few of these bad boys are to be found anywhere. Anyone know of a 
> microcontroller that'll take the raw sinewave from a Ru movement? THAT 
> would be nice! BTW, a really cool frequency to make would be the 
> 32768HZ of a normal quartz movement. Take a radio controlled wall 
> clock and rubidiumize it and let it self-reset. in between 
> self-resettings it'll remain astoundingly accurate, great for lousy 
> reception areas.
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