[time-nuts] Data Professionals Press Release

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Sun Dec 12 00:51:53 EST 2010

Perry wrote:

>Considering that the Heath Company has been out of business for say, 
>30 years or so, this "California Business Plan" shows that you momma 
>was right in telling you not to ingest illegal substances. I suppose 
>their next bright idea is to buy rights from Ford for the Edsel.

Intellectual property rights do not just evaporate or return to the 
public domain when a company disappears -- SOMEONE owns them (often 
someone who bought the assets of the company, perhaps for less than a 
penny on the dollar).  I have no idea whether Data Professionals 
bought anything from anybody -- or if they did, whether the seller 
really owned active copyrights, and if so, what exactly they 
owned.  There is an infinity of possibilities, and the only certainty 
would be the judgment of a court deciding a lawsuit.

What we appear to have is someone claiming to hold the rights, and 
threatening enforcement.  Folks can either accept the claim, defy the 
threat and invite a lawsuit, or bring a preemptive action for 
declaratory relief -- i.e., make Data Professionals prove that they 
own the rights.  Not likely that anyone who wants to host free 
downloads will undergo the expense of being the test case (but if you 
are willing, please be our guest -- otherwise, please stop throwing 
bombs of ignorance).

Best regards,


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