[time-nuts] IRIG-B with Arduino

Geraldo Lino de Campos geraldo at decampos.net
Wed Dec 15 06:59:50 EST 2010

If you didn´t started yet, you may consider the PSoC series of Cypress
semiconductors. They contain digital and analog resources within the chip,
simplifying the hardware design – and hardware changes.

The new design, PsoC 5, is based on the ARM architecture, up to 256KB code
and 64kB data, support for USB, the usual peripherals plus PLDs, OpAmps, and
other analog devices. The starter kit is very affordable (US$48.88 on

A version is planned in 48 pins SSOP – soldering is not as easy as dip, but
doable. Even the 100 pin TQFP is solderable – QFN is another story…
Geraldo Lino de Campos
geraldo at decampos.net

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