[time-nuts] IRIG-B with Arduino

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Wed Dec 15 21:44:48 EST 2010

You may want to avoid the 328p. for the last year there have been supply problems to the distributors. 


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On Dec 15, 2010, at 6:23 PM, "Bruce Lane" <kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com> wrote:

>    In fact, I was looking very hard at the 328P. AND I just happen to have an STK500 on the way from the east coast (thanks to an Ebay purchase).
>    Already got AVR Studio installed, and I also have IAR's AVR package standing by. In short, I've got plenty to learn with.
>    And you're right. I'll be learning both C and AVR assembler as I go along, but the way I learn best is to actually DO something with programming rather than just taking abstract example problems.
>    Banzai! ;-)
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> On 14-Dec-10 at 22:37 John Miles wrote:
>>> Fellow clock-tickers,
>>>    I'm finally starting to learn microcontrollers, and have
>>> selected Atmel's AVR line as my tool of choice. I've also
>>> discovered the Arduino site, and am starting to learn their IDE as well.
>>>    My first goal will be an open-source/open-hardware IRIG-B
>>> decoder (takes IRIG-B 1kHz stream, sends the timecode to an LCD
>>> panel). I've noticed a distinct lack of hobby-priced decoders on
>>> the market, and I intend to try and remedy that.
>>>    My initial development platform will be the Arduino
>>> Mega-2560 board. However, that particular microcontroller is
>>> unlikely to be my final chip of choice due to the fact it's not
>>> available in a hobbyist-friendly DIP package. If others with more
>>> development skill have suggestions for a different chip, I will
>>> gladly listen.
>>>    Stay tuned for further developments (no pun intended). I
>>> expect this to take at least a few months, as the learning curve
>>> looks kind of steep.
>> That's a good family of parts to start out with.  It is very well supported
>> and easy to work with.  You don't really need to mess with the Arduino IDE
>> and all the trimmings -- just set up AVR-GCC with WinAVR or one of the
>> newer
>> distributions and go from there.  If you have ever done any C programming
>> before, the learning curve will be measured in hours or days, not months.
>> If you haven't, well... there's always assembly.
>> There is a new low-cost kit with Arduino-like USB programming capability on
>> the market:
>> http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/usnoobie-kit-p-708.html?cPath=104_128
>> The first batch of these shipped with broken bootloader code so you have to
>> have an STK-500 or similar programmer to get them up and running.  I
>> imagine
>> that's been fixed by now, but at any rate, the Atmega328P is probably the
>> chip you want, if you want a higher-end AVR controller that still comes in
>> a
>> DIP.
>> I just rigged one of them up to drive a YIG synthesizer:
>> http://www.thegleam.com/ke5fx/stellex.htm (see December 2010 update at the
>> very bottom of the page).  Apart from the USB bootloader confusion and the
>> presence of a couple of spurious error/warning messages in the avrdude.exe
>> programmer utility, I'd give it two thumbs up at a minimum.  Great little
>> device.
>> -- john, KE5FX
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