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Dave: the Prologix interface can be used as an rs232 device. In that way,
a robot basic program can be written to control GPIB devices. I like Robot
Basic because it is has no connections to .net or any of the other
microsoft stuff, AFIK uses no Registry either.. I put the whole package in
a folder on my desktop and run it from there. Neat and tidy and completely
portable. In fact, the whole thing can run from a USB card. Also makes
I finally got motivated to buy a Prologix interface, got tired of fighting
with the very old Measurement and Computing card, it's just too old and
weird to use. I bought the network adapter instead of the USB, so any
computer on my little local network can be used. This is a new
Good luck with your project.

Dave M
>  I've seen several posts that mention the 5370 counter.  Certainly looks
> like a capable instrument.  I'll be on the lookout for one that is in
> reasonably good condition and WORKS.  I downloaded the NIST pub that you
> mentioned, and with the cold days and colder nights, I'll have lots of
> time
> to ponder it.
> Re: Don Latham's response - I've never seen Robot BASIC, but I'll look it
> up.  I assume that it's a GPIB controller application??
> Re Stan, W1LE's response - Thanks for the Prologix recommendation.  I'll
> look into it.
> And thanks to all the other responders... I really appreciate your taking
> time to offer your advice.
> Dave M
>> Hi Dave,
>> On 12/15/2010 08:55 PM, Dave M wrote:
>>> I'm a retired electronics tech and computer programmer.  I have a
>>> pretty decently equipped shop for almost all of my projects and
>>> experiments. However, my time and frequency equipment is a bit long
>>> in the tooth.  I have a couple old HP 5328A counters (commercial
>>> version; not the military version), one with a 10544, the other with
>>> a 10811 oscillator.
>>> I have an HP Z3801A that has been operating well for several years,
>>> and recently acquired a TBolt to keep the counters in tune.  I also
>>> have a good distribution amp and  couple of old Montronics (Fluke)
>>> frequency comparators.
>>> What I'm looking for now, is a recommendation for a good low-cost
>>> (<$400) counter that will get me on the way to performing some of
>>> the "down in the grass" noise, jitter and deviation tests that the
>>> more learned members of the group discuss.  I know that new
>>> equipment is far out of my budget, but I'm also aware that some of
>>> the older, now obsolete (also cheaper) equipment is quite capable of
>>> doing what I want to do. I prefer HP equipment since manuals are
>>> much easier to find than most other brands.
>>> I'd also like recommendation for a good low-cost GPIB controller
>>> that allows me to write software to control some of my instruments.
>>> I have experience writing software in BASIC on a Fluke 1722A
>>> controller.  I've seen these controllers on the Bay and other online
>>> vendors, but I've not located the BASIC discs for them.  Any advice?
>>> I realize that a counter is not the only piece that I need, but it's
>>> first on my list.  Other, more applicable equipment is on my want
>>> list, but will have to wait for a bit.
>> A HP5370A/B and a Prologix USB-GPIB interface seems like a popular
>> solution, and it should fit inside your budget more or less. There is
>> already software available (from John Miles for instance) that works
>> with that solution, but it should also allow yourself some programming
>> exercises.
>> This will certainly get you started. There are several decades to go
>> down into the noise for the really good sources and reducing
>> measurement noise. It will be a fairly good solution for many decent
>> sources.
>> Grab a copy of the NIST SP 1065 and ponder over it.
>> Cheers,
>> Magnus
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