[time-nuts] IRIG-B with Arduino

Darrell darrell at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 16 15:22:51 EST 2010

You've probably already discovered this site, but in case you or others 
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On 10-12-14 10:19 PM, Bruce Lane wrote:
> Fellow clock-tickers,
> 	I'm finally starting to learn microcontrollers, and have selected Atmel's AVR line as my tool of choice. I've also discovered the Arduino site, and am starting to learn their IDE as well.
> 	My first goal will be an open-source/open-hardware IRIG-B decoder (takes IRIG-B 1kHz stream, sends the timecode to an LCD panel). I've noticed a distinct lack of hobby-priced decoders on the market, and I intend to try and remedy that.
> 	My initial development platform will be the Arduino Mega-2560 board. However, that particular microcontroller is unlikely to be my final chip of choice due to the fact it's not available in a hobbyist-friendly DIP package. If others with more development skill have suggestions for a different chip, I will gladly listen.
> 	Stay tuned for further developments (no pun intended). I expect this to take at least a few months, as the learning curve looks kind of steep.
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