[time-nuts] Question on GPS and reference standards

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Subject: [time-nuts] Question on GPS and reference standards

> A good question for the group...
> /tvb
>> Hi:
>> I have both a GPS Frequency standard (Trimble Thunder Bolt) which outputs 
>> the 10
>> MHz reference and also the 1 PPS signal. In addition, I have a Collins 
>> AEU unit
>> which has a 10 MHz Rubidium reference inside. Both units work well and 
>> produce a
>> very accurate reference signal for the units that require a 10 MHz 
>> reference.
>> The challenge is that I am looking for a source of a 10:1 frequency 
>> divider so I
>> can create a 1 MHz reference for my Rockwell Collins HF-80 system. Can 
>> you
>> suggest a source of a high quality frequency divider that outputs a 
>> (nearly)
>> sine wave signal? We only need two units - one for production and one for 
>> our
>> development lab.
>> The object is to provide a very accurate source of 1 MHz and 10 MHz to 
>> the
>> various radio systems used in our disaster and humanitarian relief radio
>> network. When you send data, you need to be exactly on frequency.
>> Any help would be great. Just need to be pointed in the right direction. 
>> While
>> we could try to design something to meet this objective, I am sure that 
>> someone
>> has already done this.
>> Thank you.
>> Kevin
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