[time-nuts] LORAN C is good again tonight 90070

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 10:21:56 EST 2010

I looked at google maps and it sure looks like a LORAN C antenna at
Further the Irish gov lighthouse commission has info on it. Cost to operate
it health risks...
So I think it was built. But not sure it matters or not. I get a signal from
that chain.
Just curious on the rough distance.

On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 10:17 AM, Stan, W1LE <stanw1le at verizon.net> wrote:

> When you hook up the SRS FS700 to the antenna you can monitor the front
> panel
> LORAN  output with a spectrum analyzer and determine what has to be notched
> out
> either in a separate multicoupler with high and low tunable notches like
> the Austron 2084
> or the notch filters ( greater tuning range) built into the FS700.
> My internet search a few days ago shows Loop Head in Ireland was never
> built/commissioned.
> old mail:
> Good Morning Claude,
> I am assembling a K9AY terminated loop antenna, pointing to N. Europe. (~30
> degrees)
> Will use a ARR preamplifier at the antenna.
> I hope to start listening later this month.
> Some stations to listen for:
> Lessay, France master on GRI 6731, Soustons France, slave X
> BO , master on 7001, Jan Mayen, slave X, Berlevag slave Y
> Sylt,  on 7499, Lessay, slave X,  Vaerlandet, slave Y
> Eidi (Ejde) on 9007 master,   Jan Mayen slave W,    BO slave X,
>  Vaerlandet slave Y
> From my location on Cape Cod  FN41sr, looks like the closest active chain
> is Eidi with GRI of 9007
> Eidi, IP62lh DX of 2900.1 miles
> Jan Mayen,  IQ50pv,  2900.2 miles
> Lessay,  IN99fd   at 3274.1 miles
> Soustons,  IN93hr at 3412.4 miles,  (6731 GRI)
> I have not calculated BO, and Berlevag details (7001 GRI) nor for the Sylt
> chain.
> A google search on "Loran C stations" will show a listing of the few active
> stations
> with the station details like RF power output and Lat/Long.
> I have converted Lat/Long to 6 digit grid locator for my ease in LOB and
> DX calculations with BD2004 software.
> Sky wave propagation should be possible for the North Atlantic, European,
> Western Russia, Saudi, and  Mediterranean chains.
> Low likelihood of any ground wave and its better accuracies.
> I miss my Nantucket Loran-C station and its Cs accuracies.
> A modern Stanford Research Systems model FS700 Loran C receiver
> is on hand as the receiver.
> Stan, W1LE      Cape Cod     FN41sr
> On 12/22/2010 9:57 AM, paul swed wrote:
>> Thats odd it says loop head Ireland not exactly the middle of the ocean.
>> At
>> least thats the closest station I can find.
>> But that said I can get a frequency measurement but also at my very limit
>> from what I can tell.
>> I do want to look at the autron 2000 and SRS FS700. The 2000 lets you see
>> things more easily and the SRS may have a better front end. Hard to say.
>> I really have a local noise source thats causing trouble and not sure how
>> I
>> will find it.
>> Regards
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