[time-nuts] Frequency counter recommendation - Basic

Bob Bownes bownes at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 11:15:49 EST 2010

>>>  The 5328 will also take a 10881. Plugs right into the motherboard.
> You go via a separate board to have a 10811 oscillator. It is not uncommon
> for 10811s to be delivered with this board since some figure they get more
> by selling the 5328 separate from the 10811. Ah well. I use that board to
> drive my lab-bench 10811... need to box it up.
Interesting. Mine have the 10811 plugged straight into the main board.  I
got the 'daughtercard' with a bare 10811 I bought a while back. Maybe I
should go dig it out.


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