[time-nuts] My Garmin 18x, Ver 3.50, currently 1 second slow to UTC

Kiwi Geoff geoff36 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 16:55:07 EST 2010

Björn wrote:
> Did you and I run into the same issue with NMEA from old Jupiter
> receivers? (many years ago at the now dead forum at gpskit.nl)

We may have Björn, I know we have communicated before, but I'm not
sure on what topic(s).

I have never owned or played with a Jupiter - so I have never made any
tests on one myself.

I have only run tests (NMEA w.r.t. PPS) on Trimble SV6, Motorola GT+,
Garmin 18 and 18x , Ashtech (Thales) AC12.

Geoff wrote:
>>  Luckily I kept all the 18x firmware versions David, so I could simply
>>  reload the firmware that completed the NMEA sentences well before the
>>  next PPS.

David Taylor wrote:
> But which would you trust?

I have only run extensive tests on Version 3.00 (for the 18x LVC) so I
know I can trust that version with respect the NMEA completing within
the second and stability of 1PPS.

I admit I just "assumed" subsequent versions were OK (without testing
myself) - so I got caught!

When / if Garmin fix this issue with the 18x, I will run thorough
tests next time before I commit to using  a new version of firmware.

Regards, Geoff (Christchurch, New Zealand)

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