[time-nuts] Nuts and Phoolery

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Sun Jul 4 07:30:33 EDT 2010

On 07/ 4/10 08:48 AM, Steve Rooke wrote:
> Maybe we are into the wrong sort of projects here, instead of knocking
> together $10 "testers" we should get some cheap Rb units off fluke.l
> and start turning out $15,000 audio equipment. Can you imagine how
> much you could get for your ageing tube Cs unit in this phools market!
> :)
> Steve

Do the cheap fluke units allow locking to a 1 pps signal? If so, you could sell 
a GPS locked version for even more!

The point made in


is that the people that do this sort of thing must have pretty deep pockets, 
which you don't associate with stupid people. (There are exceptions of course). 
There was a guy I was at school with. His parents were richer than most of us in 
the working class area of Walthamstow, East London.

He did advanced level (A-level) in physics, chemistry and maths, just like me. 
He used speaker cables that had arrows on them pointing in the direction the 
music was supposed to flow. I asked him why. He could not offer any explanation 
of any logic for this, but still bought them, as he could afford to.


> On 4 July 2010 19:33, Rob Kimberley<rk at timing-consultants.com>  wrote:
>> Maybe we've all been missing something in our timing projects.
>> Must get some of that high purity 6N copper wire.......
>> :-)
>> Rob K
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>> About $15,000.
>> -John
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