[time-nuts] Odd ball Odetics - cleaning out garage...

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Sun Jul 4 23:31:53 EDT 2010


I've got about 20-30 of an mid 90's Odetics receivers/clocks that I'd
like to know if even worth trading etc.

They were designed for and sold to a company that only need the PPS output.

The big issue was the antenna/down converter design sucked. Within a few
months almost ever one installed failed from moisture. I think I have one or
two working  ones. And there are only like 7 or so more.

There were also firmware issues but not important to the user. For example
the position display/output would spin you 1/2 the way around the globe
without warning i.e. flip 180 deg.

I've just taken a picture of two of the units and one of the antennas.

If anyone is interested in one for a collection let me know. But not enough
antennas to go around. Heck in the 15 years they have now been in storage
all the antennas could be bad.

There is the 'box', a brick power supply can't remember if linear or swtiching
I can't find the box they are in, a SMA to TNC 50 foot or so cable, and
rack mount brackets/extenders.  For all the stuff shipping can really add
up. The box by it self would fit into a USPS flat rate box. Maybe the
P/S brick but won't know until I can find one. If need packing my roommate
will do it but being a college student will want a couple bucks.

Not yet found a users manual will do by next week. I don't ever
remember seeing a service manual.

You guys tell me, scrap or worth for trades or ?


To see the full pictures click on a thumbnail that is a picture and not
a sub-gallery. That will get you 640x480. Then click on that pict and
will be 3984x2656. To get back to 640x480 click on the picture again.
Sorry if a bit fuzzy its overcast etc etc.


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