[time-nuts] Long period variation of GPS PPS timing?

Paul Nicholson vlf0308 at abelian.org
Mon Jul 5 02:00:58 EDT 2010

Peter Vince wrote:
 > I have just received an ebay notification of new
 > items for sale by a "favourite seller" - list member
 > Bob Mokai, aka fluke.l in China:

Thanks for the heads-up Peter.   That makes three
recommendations I've had for this seller.

I expect I'll order one or two of these 'timing grade' GPS,
likely a Thunderbolt.  I still want to see what can be done
with 'commodity' GPS devices, but having a proper one as a
reference standard would be nice.

 > I think it is fair to say that several list members have
 > bought things from Bob, and found him friendly, helpful,
 > and very trustworthy.

Reassuring, thanks.  Although I see he's advertised a rubidium
clock to 'Enhance the sound quality' of CD, so have doubts now :))

PS I spoke to a chap at Garmin support about the slow cyclic
drift of the GPS16X and he asked me to send details. We'll
see what comes from that.
Paul Nicholson

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