[time-nuts] Auto TBolt TC Adjust

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Wed Jul 7 21:55:15 EDT 2010

That could be done easily with my GPSMon project, just add code :)

The project decodes the TSIP binary format, so it would not be so hard to decode the packets you need. At the moment, the project does not talk to the TBolt, and I forgot if the Tx routines are in the code. If they are not and someone is interested, I'll send you the code.

It's open source by the way.


Didier KO4BB

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From looking at the numbers on a set of TBolt's it's apparent that adjusting the time constant after they have been on power for a while is a good idea. Something like:

Start at 10 seconds until pps is within 10 ns for 5 minutes 
Run at 50 seconds until the same condition is met
Bump to 200 seconds, check 
Bump to 1000 seconds 

More or less you would be making the TBolt do a dumbed down version of what the Z38xx's do. 

Before I go out and build up a gizmo to read TSIP and shoot the commands to the TBolt,  I thought I'd see if somebody had already made one of these up. Anybody have one of these already? 


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