[time-nuts] RF Prescaler for 53131A/53132A/53181A counters - update !

Samuel DEMEULEMEESTER sam at canardpc.com
Thu Jul 8 12:12:44 EDT 2010

Here is some update on my low-cost extension board for the Agilent/HP

Finally received all the components and assembled everything some days ago.
Here is a picture : http://www.x86.fr/rfpsc/rf_psc_01.jpg.

Right now, the performance is really good up to 3.5 GHz :

50 MHz : -7 dB
100 MHZ : -15 dB
250 MHz : -26 dB
500 MHz : -30 dB
1 GHZ : -32 dB
2 GHz : -32 dB
3 GHz : -30 dB
Unfortunately, I have an odd issue with upper frequencies. The input of the
prescaler is self-oscillating at about 3.7 GHz, even without any component
on the input stage. The first prototype built doesn't have this issue. My
goal is to reach 5-6 GHz with a good sensibility. Right now, I'm only able
to measure -2 dB at 5 GHz.

As soon as everything will work fine, I will put online an ordering process
for bare PCB, kit and fully-assembled board. 

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MSN : sam at x86.fr 

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