[time-nuts] PICTIC II Parts at Mouser

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Fri Jul 9 14:51:09 EDT 2010


Ok, I've set up a new project at Mouser for the PICTIC II parts. Assuming the magic works it's at:


You can also go to their "EZ Buy" page and enter code 8736DCEE10 to get to the project. 

There are a few special features on this one:

1) The duplicate parts for the RS-232 via transistor are eliminated. It's set up to use the MAX-232
2) Two (hopefully correct sized) 14 pin sockets are included for the PIC and the front end chip
3) Minor substitutions are made here and there to save a few pennies
4) The cheaper (and available) 3/8" trimmers are used
5) The caps for the integrators are at 1000 pf, if you want to go faster, you'll have to substitute the correct parts
6) The oscillator is a 10 MHz unit, same comment as the integrator caps
7) The 74AC175 is un-obtanium in a PDIP package the project shows a 74ACT SOIC version, you'll have to kludge it on to the board Logic levels on the clock may impact accuracy (but probably won't). 

The RS-232 comes out to a header. I have not included anything to get to a normal cable and connector. I intend to simply lop the end off of a cable I have and solder it to the pc boardt. Same issue with coax going to the inputs. If you need 0.025" post connectors to attach in a more elegant fashion, you will have to add them. Power required is +12 at well under an amp. Just about any wall wart in existence should be fine for power. I assume you have 12 volts available - no wall wart on project list. There's also no enclosure on the project list. 

As far as I can see all the parts are now there and it's in "ok to buy" condition. Total price is $29.95 (just had to get it under $30 ...). I would suggest taking a look in your junk box before ordering. A lot of these parts are pretty common stuff. Where possible I've included the parts designators in the project list. That should make deleting things fairly easy. 

I have absolutely no affiliation with Mouser and make no claims at all about their prices being as good or better than anybody else's. 

It might be a wise idea to check the list over - I've been known to make typos in the past ....


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