[time-nuts] Apelco ...was Loran-C POSAID2 Software

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Fri Jul 9 18:55:08 EDT 2010

> Hi John I have a manual dated 1989 for a later version Apelco ( DXL 6300)
> The manual covers operation nicely, but the data for the Lessay chain is
> incorrect. I can enter the GRI manually and the receiver locks nicely. I
> have disassembled the eprom but cannot recognise the data areas to patch
> the
> right rates in, and associate them with the lat and long of the statons.

I had virtually no doc whatsoever. The unit I got working was from their
test bench. It was a TD only model with front panel modified with extra
push buttons for the Lat/Long version. I also got a few thousand of the
unstuffed PC cards. At a guess, the GRI lookup tabvle would have been in
the slave (Lat/Long) processor's ROM.

In those days, I did not have a logic state analyzer, so know nothing more
about the SW.

> have tried the obvious paths but had no help the UK dealer ceased trading
> and filed earlier in the year. Their engineer did try to help but could
> not
> find information. Are you aware of any source of information on their
> products and updates??

No. My only Raytheon contact died about 3 years ago.  :((.

> I am in the process of turning this into a 10MHz locked source, (a couple
> of
> internal links) as it is not really too useful for Nav but it would be
> nice
> to get it working properly. Particularly as we look like having one of the
> last operational chains in Western Europe.
> Alan G3NYK

Sorry, I have little more to offer on this,




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