[time-nuts] PICTIC II Parts - SOIC to PDIP Adaptor

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Jul 10 03:15:53 EDT 2010

stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com said:
> No, the ebay item 180460919851 looks correct, data sheet for 74ac175
> has the same pin out for all packages

I agree that that one should work.

Anybody interested in this mess who hasn't yet looked at it should check out 
the back half of that ebay page in case it goes away.  It's got good 
pictures.  The catch is that there aren't through-holes for half of the pins 
so you have to chop off the pins or bend them over to fit the non-hole pads.

I can't find the part that I thought my "turned sideways" was referring to.  
Apologies for the clutter.

This one is turned sideways, but it's also too wide: 180460920000
That may be what I was referring to, but I thought I was smart enough to 
ignore it because it was too wide (which was already mentioned?) rather than 
clutter up the group with a redundant won't-work comment.

Here is another potentially interesting part: 330436763629
It's SSOP on one side and SOIC on the other.
The pads on the SOIC side look too short to my eye.  If anybody tries it, 
please let me/us know.

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