[time-nuts] Loran-C Anthorn

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Mon Jul 12 05:46:00 EDT 2010

Hello Antonio,

     Looking at the aerial photographs on Google Maps, the transmitter
building can be seen at 54.91224°N, 3.27831°W - nearer Cardurnock than
Anthorn!  Which are the actual aerial masts though, I don't know.
Might I suggest you contact Peter Whibberley at the National Physical
Laboratory (peter.whibberley (at) npl . co . uk) - if he can't tell
you, he will certainly know who can!


          Peter Vince

On 12 July 2010 00:40,  <asmagal at fc.up.pt> wrote:
> Greetings to the group.
> I would like to have the exact (and trustworthy...) WGS84 coordinates
> of the Anthorn Loran-C antenna. Searching the net I got at least three
> different sets of LAT/LONG. It seems to me that exactitude is not a cult
> anymore, except for us the nutties...
> I would also appreciate to have the exact Coding Delay for that transmitter.
> (Not the Emission Delay, which is known to be 27,300.00 uS).
> Thanks in advance.
> Antonio
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