[time-nuts] Some 74AC175PC chips Sourced

Robert Berg bob.b at pobox.com
Tue Jul 13 00:19:54 EDT 2010

I'm crossing my fingers that my order doesn't get "revised" by an 
unscrupulous or overly-optimistic vendor, but assuming it gets filled, 
as of 20:56PDT I have requests for all of the 50 chips I'm hoping to be 
able to provide. If you requested "one or two," I put you down for two.  
Hopefully Stanley will have good luck sorting out his order too, and 
everyone will end up getting what they need. I'll send separate emails 
to each of you who indicated interest.  Since everyone has a Stateside 
address, I don't think the postage will vary much, even for a trip 
across the continent.  Might be a bit more for several chips in the bag.


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