[time-nuts] Chances of 5061 and 5062 still having life in them?

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Tue Jul 13 12:20:03 EDT 2010


It's quite possible that they have been re-tubed three or four times
already. That makes the estimation process pretty tough. 

Pay for them as if they were dead, feel good if you get a working one. Don't
feel bad if you get out-bid...

There are indeed things that a Cs can do that a GPS locked Rb can not.
Running a Cs 24 hours a day 365 days a year for years and years can be
pretty expensive. A lot depends on what you want (or need) to do with it. 


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Hi Guys,
In Australia some Ce units have hit the surplus market.  looks like they 
are from the 70s - that's 40 years old now.  What does the group think 
the probability of the tubes having any Ce left in them and still 
working?   Is it worth it now when one can use gps clocks to lock say an Rb?

Thanks for your thoughts


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