[time-nuts] PICTIC Backend

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Thu Jul 15 07:47:45 EDT 2010


If Windows is the main target - Microsoft now is giving away several compilers for free. They all are quite capable and have no real limitations to them. The downside is that they are indeed Visual what ever based. Not much use on my Mac or on a Linux box. 


On Jul 15, 2010, at 4:39 AM, Peter Vince wrote:

> Hi Stanley,
>     You might also like to consider "BBC BASIC for Windows"
> (http://www.rtrussell.co.uk/bbcwin/bbcwin.html), developed from the
> language written for the Acorn BBC Micro in the early 80's, the
> author, Richard Russell, is actively maintaining and enhancing it, and
> supports a Yahoo Group where discussions and advice are shared
> (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/bb4w/).  It is priced in UK
> pounds, but equates to about US$40 for the full version, or a free
> version is also available for trials that is limited to 8 Kbytes
> program size, and doesn't allow compilation.
>     Regards,
>          Peter
> On 10 July 2010 19:47, Stanley Reynolds <stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> A terminal emulator like PuTTY is a good starting point to talk to PICTIC. But I
>> was thinking of a GUI that would appear like a virtual instrument. Buttons
>> instead of the @ commands, display of various settings and data. My language of
>> choice is Basic looking at Just Basic now. Wonder if anyone else is thinking
>> about this ?
>> Stanley
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