[time-nuts] Handy iPhone app

Mark Gulbrandsen ksa50amp at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 10:40:19 EDT 2010

 Now if only Apple would allow Emerald Time to correct the i-phone's internal clock we'd actually have something. By using Emerald Time my i-phone's internal clock has shown itself to be off by as much as 12.4 seconds. That no longer qualifies as a usable clock to me. If I am out somewhere and want to know what time it is I have to bring Emerald Time up in order to see. You would think the phone would be receiving it's time from AT&T's standards... but apparently not. There is no way AT&T would be 12.4 seconds off which makes it apparent that Apple does not allow any correction of the phone's internal clock. To others here using the i-Phone... how far off is your i-Phone's internal clock???

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