[time-nuts] Brandywine GPS4 & Kode Displays For Sale

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Mon Jul 19 11:13:12 EDT 2010

Hey Guys,

I hate to spam the list like this since I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I know you're a good group of people. Times
are tough and it's time for me to sell off some items that I don't really use or need. I would rather have these items find a good
home and just break even, than sell them on flea-bay only to have some other person try to re-sell them again for some insane amount
(and some poor sap pay it).

Please contact me OFF-LIST if you are interested. Otherwise you might make some people upset with various questions not really
related to the list. ;)

First, my Brandywine GPS4 which has the Brandywine High-Stability Oscillator option, and 18-36 VDC input option. Includes an Acopian
VA24MT210 linear PSU. You can look up the details on the Acopian website, it seems to have pretty good specs (and lists for $225
itself). I think the setup uses like thirty-something watts warming up, and like fifteen-ish afterwards. Don't even ask how it
compares to a T-Bolt because I wouldn't be able to answer that; though it's OCXO housing is like 4x bigger. The down side is there's
no cool software, just your basic serial interface and a small list of commands.

Asking $400 shipped to lower 48 states (USPS Priority or UPS Ground, your choice). If no takers in the US, then I'll consider
international (you pay additional shipping though). Includes the GPS4 unit, psu, power cables, and a short serial cable adapter I
made (it's kind of rinky-dink but it does the job) since hooking up a regular serial cable directly to the unit triggers a fault (or
holds down in reset, not 100% sure). Brandywine in their infinite wisdom decided to shove a whole bunch of non-serial port related
functions on the DB-9 connector, so to prevent issues that's why I made the adapter with just the tx/rx/gnd wires. The extra SYNTH
port is factory-set to 19.6608 MHz, not sure if that is useful for anyone. Runs on a regular 5V GPS antenna (not included, I don't
have any spares). I believe the PPS port is also configurable, check the manual for details. 10MHz is obviously a sine-wave. IRIG is
AM (but I think it too can be configured).


PDF Manual:


Second, I have a Kode / Odetics IRIG-B Time Display, Model 375-642. It might read other time code formats, but I have not tried.
Works great, bright display. It's a standard 1U height, but the front mount is only 9-1/2" wide. Display shows the 3-digit date
count (i.e. today is 199), along with the usual hh:mm:ss. Yes it has the top cover, I just removed it to take pics of some jumpers
inside (note: don't mess with jumpers). It does have a switch inside for going between 115v-230v (picture 2).

Asking $60 shipped (I'm guessing that's a fair price?)



I also have another Kode display (model 375-928) I never got around to doing anything with. The chassis is about 34" wide, 5-1/4"
high, 6" deep, with 12-digits. Each digit is 1-1/4" wide by 2" tall. It just has a 25-pin dsub connector on back, with some
dip-switches for baud-rate select & address select. I *think* it might read BCD format, not sure though. All the digits appear to be
working just fine. There's a hairline crack, about 1" long in a spot where the glass is glued to the display, it shouldn't affect
anything (I don't think). I really don't know anything about this unit at all. I'm sure it was made for some specialty purpose. It's
large and in charge, that's all I know. A person could develop their own custom interface to control the display and you would have
one heck of a clock! Assume this display as a total project, not something that is plug-n-go.

Pictures available upon request. Asking $60 shipped.

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