[time-nuts] surface mount (was PICTIC II Parts from Mouser)

Robert J Marinelli bobm at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 19 21:22:09 EDT 2010

Hi Richard,

Yes, used to feel that way - until acquiring a surplus dissecting  
(stereo) microscope, now I actually *prefer* surface mount.  Much  
easier to move parts around, it's easy to apply paste & solder entire  
boards in a $50 toaster oven, and access to all the latest parts.   
Hard to believe, but really is easier once you can clearly see.  For  
some nice tuturials, see the sparkfun website, also the schmartboard  
website.  Also, when I lay out surface mount boards, they tend to be  
smaller overall, and so a bit lower cost.

Please do try with a low cost stereo microscope - it changes  
everything :)


p.s. Finger size is no issue - tweezers work nicely.  Oh and surface  
mount resistors & caps are unbelievably low cost in cut tape, and  
super easy to handle that way.  Much better than loose parts IMO.

On Jul 19, 2010, at 4:59 PM, Richard H McCorkle wrote:

> The TS272CN is an acceptable substitute for the TS272ACN in the
> PICTIC II but as noted has a higher input offset voltage. This
> can be compensated for in the second stage by adjustment of
> the offset trimmer. I selected premium parts for temperature
> stability in the application. Sorry the manufacturers are
> making "human compatible" devices obsolete and only carrying
> over surface mount devices as they go Pb free for the EU
> market. Makes it difficult to keep up with what's available
> and harder for amateurs with fat fingers and poor eyesight
> like myself to build simple projects!
> Richard
>> Here we go again!
>> The TS272ACN has just gone 'non-stocked' at Mouser.  Will the TS272CN
>> degrade the performance?  It looks like the difference between the  
>> two
>> is the TS272CN has a higher input offset voltage.
>> Ed
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