[time-nuts] Datum TS-2100 Rubidium

Julien Goodwin time-nuts at studio442.com.au
Tue Jul 20 22:08:42 EDT 2010

On 21/07/10 02:41, Greg Dowd wrote:
> Hey Rob!
> 	Yeah, there was a LPRO Rb option on that board and you are
> remembering correctly.  The main thing was a dc-dc converter to get the
> right voltage (24vdc?).  Then, I believe we just selected the external

So some more probing with a meter this time showed that there *is* 24v
available, albeit in -12 and +12 components, but the LPRO isn't designed
(well, according to the spec) for GND != -VE

> clock and cranked the filter constant up to 1000 and I think that's it.
> I can't quite remember how it was hooked up, I think maybe a couple SMB
> mounts inside, one for clock and one for control voltage.  Let me know
> if you want more info.

Any more info would be great.

> I think the Rb version went in a taller case?  As for the reboot,
> probably depends on where you are probing :-)

Not that I've seen. One that actually *says* rubidium on the back was on
ebay and it was the same 1ru case. I wonder if it wasn't a deeper case

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