[time-nuts] Datum TS-2100 Rubidium

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Wed Jul 21 11:44:02 EDT 2010

My first email from yesterday I think got rejected or put in queue because I tried to attach a picture... Hopefully this will make
it through.

I *think* the Rb model had a slightly different top panel (judging from the few pictures I've seen)... Probably made to either
absorb some of the heat from the LPRO or maybe milled out some material for clearance.

Here's some pics of the inside of my TS2100... I would assume the LPRO would mount in the front left area, and the dc-dc converter
would mount behind the PSU on the right-back.


I got lucky when I bought mine ages ago that it had the MTI OCXO in it instead of the usual TCXO. I still wish it had a Rb... I have
a spare LPRO sitting around and would love to wire it into this puppy!

It looks like there are two possible points for the LPRO to plug-in... But my guess would be for that center gray connector.

I know I've seen older model TS2100's that had an additional AUI connector on the rear. I don't know how different the board inside
would be.

On a side note, anyone else notice that the TS2100 has a slightly higher network-delay than other network time servers?

                     Delay   Offset   Jitter
*NET4501    .GPS.    0.752   -0.042   0.203
+PRAECIS    .GPS.    0.810   -0.091   0.589
+TS2100     .GPS.    5.074   -0.509   0.535
+NTS100     .IRIG.   0.401   -0.155   3.647

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