[time-nuts] Reference source 1E10^8 only ...Ideas

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Sat Jul 24 09:24:37 EDT 2010


Go to fluke.l (that's a lower case l at the end) seller on eBay, and buy a Thunderbolt GPS controlled oscillator.  You should have fully adequate satellite coverage at 45 or 50 degrees South

PS Once I get the parts through I'll have a divider board available.


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I need a frequency reference for my frequency counters, it needs to be accurate to at least +or- 1 part in 10,000,000. 
!0MHz would be OK, but also 5, or 1. Due to technical "improvements", the 4.43361875 MHz colour subcarrier which is available on the analogue TV system here in New Zealand, is no longer referenced to a Rubidium standard, and can be about +,- 1Hz in error. I have a communications receiver, and have been thinking of using this with Lyssajous figures on an oscilloscope, with the receiver tuned to WWVH in Hawaii, but a GPS might be a possability, if there is satellite coverage here in Invercargill, southern NZ. Bearing in mind I don`t need extreme accuracy, what is my best option, please?.................................................Don.
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