[time-nuts] RACAL-DANA 1992 Option 04E problem

billh40 at aol.com billh40 at aol.com
Tue Jul 27 15:34:15 EDT 2010

         Thank you all for replying to the post.

         Channel C works up to 1,750 MHz on both units.  Channel A works up to 220 MHz on both units.

         My applications are for GPS L1 at 1575.42 MHz , L2 at 1227.6 MHz, and L5 at 1176.45 MHz and their corresponding LOs.

         I did consider that the OCXO may be defective, but I didn't trouble shoot it. I just ran the unit with the lid off and it worked for 24 hours.

        So, I just drilled the holes.  The TCXO unit did not over-heat. The two units track each other within 10 Hz (LSD) at 1,575.42 MHz.

        I also have one EIP 545A WITH Option 05 (OCXO). I use the EIP 545A 10 MHz OCXO output as the external reference for the HP 8656B.

        I use a frequency doubler to obtain 1575.42 MHz.

Thanks for your help,
Bill Hanna



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