[time-nuts] Fury - Rubidium - Status

Brian Kirby kilodelta4foxmike at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 23:30:22 EDT 2010

I also noticed on the Fury I had the original firmware in the unit from 
when I was bought (Oct 14,2007).  I have not had a chance to play with 
the unit unit recently.

I reflashed the unit with 1.22 firmware.  I noticed in the flash 
software I could not select the DEVICE LCP2136, it was greyed out.  But 
If you told it to read the device ID, it set it for you.  I set the 
jumper on the Fury, flashed it, powered it down, moved the jumper back 
and powered it back up.

Did I tell you I had removed the backup battery as it was dead ?  So 
when I brought it back up, the GPS receiver did not have an almanac.  So 
I had to wait about 20 minutes before the receiver would come up.  I 
then entered my LAT/LONG/Height, and the oscillator ops parameters 
again.  Then unit was finally up about 20 minutes later.

I set the DAC Gain to 1000, the EFC scale to 1.0 and the EFC damping to 
25.  I checked on the unit an hour later and it was reporting it was 
locked.  GPSCon reported an EFC of 1.425642 AD 4.93m sd=74.91m.  The GPS 
TI was av=9.23n sd=41.8n.

After reading Said's email, I have set the unit to 10,000 for the DAC 
Gain, 1.4 for the EFCS and 60 for EFCD.  I'll report results tomorrow, 
got to get to bed.

Thanks for all the help.

Brian - KD4FM

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