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Hi Don,
sorry about the hassle, please see the attached image of a Fury GPSDO  PCB. 
C67 is on the bottom side of the PCB. The hole is one of the  five mounting 
holes of the OCXO, close to the edge of the PCB, next to one  of the SMA 
connectors. I drew a white circle around it.
You can solder the two thermistor wires simply across that capacitor (the  
other side of the cap is connected to ground), or you can connect one wire 
to  the hole next to C67, and the other wire to a ground post on one of the  
Hope that helps,
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I would like to take advantage of the Fury TempCo  capabilities when using 
an Rb. I have been looking for the thru-hole pad which  you say is next to 
C67 but I can't find a C67. Consider that I am over 60 and  eyesight is 
challenged but I have found C68 with nearby pads. Can you give us  some 
additional components nearby to zero in on this allusive component.  Thanks!

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