[time-nuts] Updated Shera controller

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
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Full circle back to the software, the number of units sold, the cost per hour 
and time to complete project would determine the software cost. Would not 
surprise me if the software would be the biggest expense till you break the 1000 
unit mark unless the cost per hour was very low. As a hardware guy at heart it 
is hard for me to assign a cost/value to software ;-)


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One more comment $ 40 would cover every thing including PC board, May go up 
to 50 depending what D/A you use.  Bert

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>Instead of copying the Shera controller albeit with higher  resolution 
>its probably more cost effective to choose a microprocessor  with built 
>in time stamping capability.

Uhm, isn't this exactly  where you want to use the
still-smelling-like-brand-new-car PICTIC II with  a good DAC and
a microcontroller ?

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