[time-nuts] Can Lady Heather Keep Computer Clock On Time?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Thu Jul 29 14:04:07 EDT 2010


I have a friend who's setting up an observatory and the PC that controls 
the telescope needs to have an accurate clock.
The telescope can point to within arc seconds of a star and that implies 
that the computer clock needs to be within 50 ms.
If he does a Windows NTP sync first thing in the evening after a few 
hours there's too big an error.  Running the observatory is like flying 
a 747, i.e. there's a lot to do and the time needs to be handled 
automatically, not by manual NTP updates.

I know that TAC32 and a Motorola GPS will do this and you have a lot of 
options of how it does it.  For example at a specified time interval or 
when the computer clock differs from GPS by a specified amount of time 
(50 ms in this case).

What are the options in LH?  I ask because it's a lower cost option then 
the Motorola GPS plus TAC32 option or building a NTP time server.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

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