[time-nuts] Updated Shera controller

Brian Kirby kilodelta4foxmike at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 19:30:34 EDT 2010

Have you looked at using the TAC32 software?.  You can use the 53131A 
with it and a GPS receiver and time tag data and log the time interval. 
  You can tell it to record a one second file, and a average file, for 
what ever you set the 53131A up to average, and it will also generate a 
satellite status file.  TAC32 is designed for Motorola GPS receivers. 
It generates daily files automatically.  Great for long term monitoring, 
I use it to compare a HP5065A rubidium to GPS via a Motorola M12+ receiver.


On 7/29/2010 10:09 AM, Arnold Tibus wrote:
> Bert,
> I'm using at the moment a thunderbolt (with spare for testpurposes
> using ext. other oscillators), a nice PRS10, a FRK-HLN-1A (5MHz with
> external doubler to 10 MHz) and several HP10811.
> I would like to build up with this a good and reliable reference
> (PPS and Frequ.). My dream would be a good autonom. TIC with timestamp
> possibility. At the moment the 53132A is doing a good job, but I miss
> the time stamp possibility and single measurements at defined time steps...
> regards
> Arnold,DK2WT

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