[time-nuts] PICTIC II and the 74AC175 Chips - Heathkid

Heathkid heathkid at heathkid.com
Sat Jul 31 16:39:08 EDT 2010

Hello everyone.  It seems I'm not receiving all emails from the list.  I'm 
checking on two PCs (one IMAP and one POP3 both set to not delete emails 
from the server) and neither one have all the emails I'm finding in the 
archives.  I'm actually missing entire days.  I haven't figured out what the 
problem is yet on my end... but I seem to have missed out on some rather 
important emails (I'm now having to rely on the archives to find the 
"missing" emails).

Anyway, I ordered 6 of the PICTIC II boards and I "think" they are on the 
way.  I "think" I'm on the list for the programmed PICs from Bob D. but I'm 
not sure.

I also missed any and all emails regarding the 74AC175 Chips and need some. 
Can anyone please help me out?

Also, please contact me privately "off list" as well until I get this 
problem with not receiving all the time-nuts list emails sorted out.  Thank 

73 Brice KA8MAV 

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