[time-nuts] Looking for Kyoritsu EF-511 camera shutter tester manual (also some sort of time-measuring device ; ))

Yuri Ostry yuri at ostry.ru
Mon Nov 8 19:11:03 EST 2010


I'm trying to find user (or, better, service) manual for older
(mid-80's) Kyoritsu EF-511 camera shutter tester. As I can see, it
contain calibrated light source, external photosensor to mount on a
film frame of camera under test, and some sort of time intervals meter
built in. Maybe also light level meter. There is some extra knobs and
butons purpose of which is totally unknown to me...

Googled it, but no luck. Can someone point me to a right direction?

 Yuri                          mailto:yuri at ostry.ru

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