[time-nuts] Need help with Motorola OnCore software

Skip Withrow swithrow at idcomm.com
Tue Nov 16 14:09:33 EST 2010

Hello fellow nuts, 

I am trying to communicate with a Motorola UT+ receiver.  Used to do it with 
the Motorola GPS software running in a DOS window on a PC running windows 

Recently moved to a new machine (server, running XP again), but absolutely 
cannot get the software to run.  I'm convinced that it has something to do 
with the communications startup.  This machine does not seem to have a MS 
Dos tab, so am starting DOS from the Cmd line in the startup menu.  I'm 
running GPSCOMMS from the \GPS directory and then starting GPS (from the 
\GPS directory).  The window comes up and when the GPS receiver is 
initiallized it seems to send back the datum it is using.  After than, 

I do know that commands are getting to the receiver, I have looked at the 
line on the Oncore with a scope (but haven't checked to see if it is at the 
right baud rate yet).  Also still need to check to see if there is a respone 
from the UT+.  I get the impression that the serial port may not be 
configured correctly (but how do I know with the GPS software?). 

Anybody know the tricks to running the old Motorola GPS program on a Windows 
machine?  Is there better software out there that would be compatible with 
the OnCore UT+? 

Any help appreciate!  Thanks in advance. 

Skip Withrow

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