[time-nuts] Need help with Motorola OnCore software

normn3ykf at stny.rr.com normn3ykf at stny.rr.com
Tue Nov 16 14:33:38 EST 2010

Is it sending moto bin or nmea?
Try switching. Easy to find.
Try asking the board it's ID.
Fun with old gps's
---- Skip Withrow <swithrow at idcomm.com> wrote: 
> Hello fellow nuts, 
> I am trying to communicate with a Motorola UT+ receiver.  Used to do it with 
> the Motorola GPS software running in a DOS window on a PC running windows 
> XP. 
> Recently moved to a new machine (server, running XP again), but absolutely 
> cannot get the software to run.  I'm convinced that it has something to do 
> with the communications startup.  This machine does not seem to have a MS 
> Dos tab, so am starting DOS from the Cmd line in the startup menu.  I'm 
> running GPSCOMMS from the \GPS directory and then starting GPS (from the 
> \GPS directory).  The window comes up and when the GPS receiver is 
> initiallized it seems to send back the datum it is using.  After than, 
> nothing. 
> I do know that commands are getting to the receiver, I have looked at the 
> line on the Oncore with a scope (but haven't checked to see if it is at the 
> right baud rate yet).  Also still need to check to see if there is a respone 
> from the UT+.  I get the impression that the serial port may not be 
> configured correctly (but how do I know with the GPS software?). 
> Anybody know the tricks to running the old Motorola GPS program on a Windows 
> machine?  Is there better software out there that would be compatible with 
> the OnCore UT+? 
> Any help appreciate!  Thanks in advance. 
> Skip Withrow
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