[time-nuts] GPS jamming susceptibility

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If you are going to depend on any form of over the air timing, you need holdover. It's not a "option" its a requirement. There are simply to many things that can create issues with the signal you are using. That's true of any over the air system, not just GPS. Redundancy would also be nice, the people who design these systems don't seem to ever go that route. 

The nice part of that is - we get lots of Thunderbolts and Z380x's on the surplus market nice and cheap. Good stuff.


On Nov 23, 2010, at 7:30 AM, Collins, Graham wrote:

> This has been an interesting topic of discussion.
> As a wee bit of a side track, many years ago while in the military and
> living in the barracks, I used to be able "jam" my roommates FM radio by
> tuning to a point 10.7mhz away from his favourite station. The LO of my
> radio was radiating sufficiently strong enough that it could "jam" the
> other radio up to about 50 feet away.
> Cheers, Graham 
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> Hi
> If you run through the article the author claims that he's getting a few
> hundred feet of range with a few hundred mw of power into a good
> antenna.
> Your cell phone and FM broadcast radio are equally susceptible under
> typical conditions. 
> Bob
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