[time-nuts] 60 KHz Receiver

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Tue Oct 5 16:34:31 EDT 2010

That's why I think an amateur timing LORAN network might be quite
feasable. Imagine a dozen 1 KW PEP A-LORAN stations with Rb and GPS
scattered around the US. There is no reason why a single transmitter could
not spoof a whole chain as it would not be used for navigation.




> It is a pulse transmitter.  It makes short bursts of 10 or 12 pulses,
> and then waits one GRI, and then does it again.  I would think the
> actual continuous power draw is around 10Kw.
> The floor is open to anyone that wants to make the calculation.
> -Chuck Harris
> shalimr9 at gmail.com wrote:
>> "There's the minor issue of getting the power company to put in a cable
>> to the house for your 1 Mw (capital M not
>> lower case M) transmitter."
>> I can't resist citing a personal anecdote regarding power distribution.
>> A few years back, I was working on a proposal
>> for a high power (1MW) power supply system. Our building currently has
>> about 750kW service, so I asked the facility
>> engineer to call the power company to find out how much it would cost
>> and how long it would take to get another MW in
>> our building. He called me back quickly. He was told that because he
>> called after 2PM, they could not do it that day
>> and the soonest we could have it would be the next day. He was laughing
>> so much, he never got to ask how much it
>> would cost...
>> Didier
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