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We had similar dome in Sunnyvale (Ca) until the late 80's, but I can't remember who owned it, maybe GE?; it's all housing now. 

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Lester Veenstra-“No, Andover Maine.” 

The white Dacron fabric dome of the station in Andover, 
Maine, really stood out and could be seen by hikers on the 
tops of mountains miles away. Somewhere I have photos I 
took looking down at that white speck in the distance. On 
one of my hiking trips I stopped to check out the facility. The 
Dacron fabric dome that was held up only by air pressure 
(like a carnival funhouse) was still standing but was scheduled 
to be taken down in the near future. Below is a link to a video 
about Telstar that appeared on the History Channel and another 
link to still photos of the horn and the inside of the dome. The 
date given for removal in the second link was 1985 but I was 
thinking the dome was removed a few years later than that.   




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