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 I read 'Vector Voltmeter' and assumed HP 8405A.



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   On 10/12/2010 8:11 AM, gsteinba52 at aol.com wrote:?
 >           Just a quick note...?
 > HP was quite proud that scales for their precision meters were individually produced?
 > for each movement on a custom made servo controlled photographic calibrator.?
 > An archive might be nice but won't provide the meter accuracy of the originals produced?
 > for each unit.?
 > Jerry?
 I'm somewhat skeptical as to whether the 4805 meter is made that way.?
 It is true that the RX meter product made by Boonton Radio (not be be?
 confused with Boonton Electronics) and later bought by HP had custom?
 engraved drums.  However, these were drums, not meter movements.  The?
 meter on the RX meter is of course just a nulling indicator.?
 Rick Karlquist N6RK?

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